Bitcoin 17160.30597176$ 168.55877508$ (1.80606713%)
Ethereum 1275.47083962$ 12.44012138$ (2.52880983%)
XRP 0.38887724$ 0.00386964$ (0.49427363%)
Cardano 0.31315081$ 0.00311294$ (0.59622246%)
Litecoin 76.89845971$ 0.75920798$ (1.28773768%)
TRON 0.05475637$ 0.00053459$ (2.42584079%)
Bitcoin Cash 110.9010786$ 1.09725964$ (1.07095324%)
EOS 1.04832648$ 0.00987032$ (6.20996193%)
IOTA 0.2058961$ 0.00204441$ (0.71148688%)
What is Defitrade

Innovative project driven by smart contract

Back in the days, financials instruments & sharp trading algorithm was exclusively reserved for centralized institution and private corporation. On the new DEFI industry, every citizen should have a chance to achieve financial freedom and empower his destiny. Defitrade platform give our community members the right tools to let crypto-currencies work for him.

Algorithmic crypto trading work for you 24/7 to optimize your Bitcoin portfolio on every market phases . Cutting hedge software to access financial liberty on the DEFI industry.

The dedicated Defitrade development team already work on a complete ecosystem with main objective to promote cryptocurrencies uses. Decentralized exchange, marketplace, crowdfunding, sharing economy, lending, insurance will be part of this vibrant ecosystem.

Why Defitrade

Competitive Advantage

Defitrade bring back trust in online opportunity industry with profitable and stable project based on verifiable Crypto trading profit. A Fair platform who give Algorithmic crypto profit access to every one

Blockchain Transactions

each transaction are tracked on blockchain infrastructure

Smart contract Governance

MVP ready, Smart contract on the way for Q3 2021

Global System and Secure

Cloud computing and highest security standard to guaranteed uptime services

Buy DTT on Quickswap

To find the DTT token you need to enter >
the smart contract address : 0x1214d61f3daa45af4a5f301075c58fbe57c8e6d7


The Timeline

defitrade team as long track record in crypto industry. We bring together dedicated team member to develop the project with a long run perspective

Track your profits on the go

Defitrade on the GO

For beginners or professional trader the DefiTrade algorithm is a powerful and stable tool to automate your crypto trading profits. Press start and watch your Crypto wallet growth. Back testing and live trading on users back office.

  • Blockchain managed funds
  • Auto Trading 24/7
  • Performance based on certified incomes
  • Affiliated revenues
  • Automated Scalping Strategies
  • 5x to 20x leveraged trade
  • Long & short profit on future contract
  • Daily profits compounded

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or for any request information, please contact

What is a Trading Bot?

A trading bot is a bot that's used for automated trading Using predefined strategies and real time market analysis

Can everyone use a trading bot?

Yes everyone can use a trading bot You just need to set it up with your exchange and let the bot work

What crypto assets our bots trade?

Currently, our bots trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) only, but more cryptos will be added soon

What payment method do we use?

Currently, you can start investing with crypto or PayPal our payment aggregator support all major payment methods ( Coinpayment )

What payment method do we use ?

Currently, you can start investing with crypto or PayPal our payment aggregator support all major payment methods ( Coinpayment )

What are the risks of using a trading bot?

The bots are under your total control but if something were to happen only 25% of your portfolio is at risk.

How can i withdraw the profit i made?

The trading bot will be connected to your account directly through an API So any profit you made is directly in your account

How much time needed before the bot starts trading ?

The bot starts trading 24h - 48h hour after you have made your payment Our support needs to check everything is okay


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.